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What team?Wildcats! Get'cha Head in the Game!Coach Bolton and members of the team East High Basketball Team, the Wildcats, is one of the many organizations at East High. The team's captain is Troy Bolton. Their saying is "Get'cha Head in the Game". The team is state champions over the West High Knights. Coach Bolton Troy Bolton Chad Danforth Zeke Baylor Jason Cross Jimmie Zara

What is the name of the basketball team in 'High School Musical'?

'High School Musical' follows students in different cliques at East High. Troy Bolton, star player on the East High Wildcats basketball team, meets the shy and intelligent Gabriella Montez on a New Year's ski trip. After they are forced into a karaoke duet, Troy discovers his love for singing.

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Template:Quote The East High Basketball Team, the Wildcats, is one of the many organizations at East High School. The coach is Jack Bolton and the team's captain is also the coach's son Troy. In the third movie, Chad became co-captain with Troy. Their catchphrases include "What team? Wildcats!" and "Get'cha head in the game!". The team has won two back-to-back championship games against their ...

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Name of basketball team of high school musical? Wiki User. ∙ 2008-07-29 19:22:25. See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. They are the East High Wildcats.

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Jason Cross is a member of the East High School boys' varsity basketball team and one of Troy Bolton, Chad Danforth, and Zeke Baylor's good friends. He tends to ask questions or make statements that make him come off as a kiss-up or unintelligent. In High School Musical 2, he works as a bus boy at Lava Springs country club. He has a mutual love interest in Kelsi Nielsen, but never been shown a relationship.

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Troy Bolton is the main character in the High School Musical trilogy. He is the captain of East High Wildcats basketball team, the most popular and cutest boy in school. He is also the boyfriend of Gabriella Montez (one of the smartest and most extraordinary students).

Jocks from High School Musical on Stage! Summary & Breakdown ...

Analysis. The jocks are all members of the school basketball team, led by Troy. READ MORE - PRO MEMBERS ONLY. Join the StageAgent community to read our character analysis for Jocks and unlock other amazing theatre resources! Sign Up.

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Sometime later, Troy is shown arriving at his high school, East High in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Troy is East High's primo boy; attractive, popular, and the star of the basketball team. As Troy settles into his Homeroom, we see Gabriella and her mother being shown around the school by the principal, Principal Matsui (Joey Miyashima). We learn that Gabriella's mother's company has transferred her to New Mexico, and that Gabriella was known at her other schools as the freaky genius girl.