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At contact, your body should be moving forward to meet the ball. Your racket can still be farther back, relative to your body, to allow for spin, but your body should be moving into the court to meet the toss. Personally, in singles, my tosses for kick serves will land around 2 feet inside the baseline.

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Kick serve shouldn't pose a risk to you unless your form is bad. And you refer to it as in your arsenal, so presumbly you're regularly using it without any pain, so your form is likely just fine. The people here talking about injuries are likely wildly mis-tossing the ball and contorting their body into unnatural shapes to hit the mis-toss.

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First, correct me if I'm wrong, I assume we're talking about a pure topspin kick serve (or almost pure) and not a twist kick serve. I'm a beginner but maybe my experiences will add something here. I've been working on developing a pure topspin (kick) serve for about 4 months now and I've recently come to the opinion that it's actually really ...

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I'm a shorter guy and absolutely preferred facing someone with fast and hard flat serves over someone with a killer kick serve, when someones kick serve is bouncing higher than your shoulders it gets so much harder to return so you can either play like 10 feet back or try to step in to it.

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Reilly Opelka's kick serve with 214cm peak height. Loading... Be the first to share what you think! After his match against Zverev, Rafa Nadal met a 95-year-old woman called Manuela (who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's) whose lifelong dream was to meet him. “Before I forget what’s tennis and what Rafa means to me, I would like to ...

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Learning to serve with this grip feels unnatural at first but it lets you get a little more power by snapping the wrist. You can also can get more control as well as slice spin. Once you get that down learn a kick serve, but that’s a different grip and slightly different toss. 3. level 2.

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The serve has 3 large rotations - twist, cartwheel and somersault. At present your twist ain’t good and it’s compromising the other segments - see how your hitting elbow gets way too far ahead of your right shoulder.

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1. level 1. [deleted] · 7y. Probably hit a bump in the ground. The only time I've ever seen a match when a player hit a kicker over the fence it was Karlovic-Andreev at the Pilot Pen 2009, when Karlovic was top 20 in the world. He hit a few over the fence that day.