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Soccerment Analytics Analyse and compare the performance of football players and teams Explore 14 different leagues across Europe, through advanced stats and intuitive data visualisation tools, plus our innovative performance indicators.

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The Soccerment Performance Rating ( SPR) is designed to transform complex statistics into accessible and actionable insights, to facilitate football talent discovery. We take into consideration all the available information on the technical events: (every icon is associated with a player... click on them!)

Soccer Analytics & its future - Iowa State University

transfer market. Improved player recruitment is the most popular application of analytics in soccer, and to an extent, successful as well. On an interview, the co-founder of the company, Blake Wooster, says, “We're all about trying to help teams understand their identity, their

Soccer analytics data: Beginners guide

Soccer analytics data: Beginners guide Audience. If you're new to data analytics in soccer and want to learn about data sources and datasets available to you,... Context. A little more than a year ago, in 2019, I attended the 1st Sounders Analytics Conference. I really didn’t know... Purpose of ...

Learn Soccer Analytics – Advance Your Soccer Knowledge

Soccer Analytics is More Than a Passing Fad, it’s the Future. Soccer’s fluidity makes it a harder sport to quantify using statistical analysis, but harder doesn’t mean impossible. Current innovation in sports analytics is focused on the pitch because where there are challenges there are also great accomplishments.

Using Data Science to Analyse Player Performance in Football ...

Given both overcoming risk, and number of passes are important metrics to consider when looking at player performance, multiplying them together provides a total passing score which enables further analysis. Here we can see that player 263 is ranked as the second highest passer across all the top 40 players.

Sentio Sport Analytics

Sentio’s cutting edge soccer player tracking technology is specifically designed to accurately track players in real time by utilizing the state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms. VIEW MORE.

StatsBomb | Football Like Never Before

StatsBomb are football analytics experts. We devised and built a brand new, proprietary dataset because we knew we could do better than what was out there. Granular data with powerful analytics gives your organisation a winning edge