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ATP Match Stats, part of the Infosys ATP Scores & Stats Centre, began in 1991 and relates to singles main draw matches from ATP World Tour tournaments, Grand Slams, and the Olympics (from 2008 on). Aces. Aces.

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Statistics Chart. Aces Ace % Aces per Svc. Game Aces per Set Aces per Match Double Faults Double Fault % DFs per 2nd Serve % DFs per Svc. Game DFs per Set DFs per Match Aces / DFs Ratio Ace Against Ace Against % Double Faults Against Double Fault Against % 1st Serve % 1st Serve Won % 2nd Serve Won % 1st Serve Effectiveness Service Points Won ...

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Ace (tennis) In tennis, an ace is a legal serve that is not touched by the receiver, winning the point. In professional tennis, aces are generally seen on a player's first serve, where the server can strike the ball with maximum force and take more chances with ball placement, such as the far corners of the service box.

A List of The Most Effective Servers in Men's Tennis Today

Through incredible placement and power, Karlovic has been able to use his height to develop the most effective serve in the history of tennis. Dr. Ivo has the most aces in tennis history with 12,530, the highest serve rating ever, the highest percentage of service games won, and the highest percentage of first serve points won as well.

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Transcribed image text: Ace! - One of the biggest strengths in any tennis player's game is their serve. While the best tennis players use a combination of power and precision in their serves, sports statistics have shown that players with faster serve speeds are generally more successful in tournament play.

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There are 3 specific rally lengths in tennis. Here is their percentage breakdown of total points. 0-4 Shots = 70% 5-8 Shots = 20% 9+ Shots = 10%. The First 4 Shots is specifically the serve, return, Serve +1 groundstroke and Return +1 groundstroke. Those are normally the shots that get practiced the least, but matter the most to winning tennis matches.

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Statistics from men's professional tennis on the ATP Tour. Features stats leaderboards for serve, return and under pressure, individual match stats and more.

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Keep track of your favorite female players on the official Women’s Tennis Association website. H1 Tag: Women’s Tennis Records and Statistics

Is there a difference between a service winner and an ace in ...

As a tennis player and fan myself, this has always been a question that I have wondered about. I know that an ace is when a serve that is in the box goes through untouched. Is a service winner a se...