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Forehand Blueprint - Power Source - Building a strong power position; Module 11 ; Forehand Blueprint - Non-hitting arm forehand drill; Forehand Blueprint - Forehand on the rise; Forehand Blueprint - Forehand targeting; Forehand Blueprint - The 5 forehand finishes; Forehand Blueprint - 3 types of forehand swing size; Forehand Blueprint ...

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http://www.hi10spro.blogspotlcom shows the forehand and wrist action

Beware of Pronation! | U.S. High School Tennis Association ...

Beware of Pronation! One of the big breakthroughs in tennis teaching years about 40 years ago was the discovery of pronation, the outward turn of the forearm, wrist and palm at the end of the service motion that happened so quickly, most observers could not see it. For many years after (and, unfortunately, still today), tennis teachers told their students to “snap your wrist,” which was misconstrued to mean the snapping down and inward of the hand instead of the upward and outward turn.

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The following 7 drills and additional tips will help you develop a proper pronation and improve your overall tennis serve technique. Why Is It So Hard To Pronate Properly? There are two main reasons why the pronation is such a challenge: having old muscle memory from serving with the forehand grip and therefore performing the so-called “waiter’s serve” and the desire to control and not being able to let go.

Pronate or Use Wrist on Your Topspin Forehand? - YouTube

In today’s video, I explain whether you should pronate your forearm or use the wrist to generate topspin on your forehand.Second Channel 👉 @intuitivetenniss...

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The tennis establishment has said that pronation is not mandatory on a forehand to produce topspin unless "a person were hitting with a racket face pointed upwards and was forced to roll the forearm in order to properly position the racket [vertically] against the ball." This was included in an email sent to me January 29, 2001.