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Perfecting Your Tennis Serve Grip Technique

The most exact way to find your tennis serve grip is to use the bevels of the handle, which you may not have even noticed were there. If you take a look at the handle of your tennis racquet, you’ll notice it is an octagon, with eight sides or bevels, just like a stop sign.

How to Hit a Slice Serve in Tennis: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

When you hit a flat serve in tennis you use the continental grip. Instead of cutting the ball like in a slice serve, or adding topspin to the ball like in a kick serve, you hit the ball with a flat racket face. A flat racket face on contact will help your serve stay flat. Remember, just like with your other serves, swing up, follow through, and flick you wrist in the end to make the ball go in the service box.

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The best serve grip is the continental grip, and it is by far the most used by players across all levels. When finding a continental grip, the first step is to hold the grip at the base of the racquet. You shouldn’t hold the racquet in the middle of the grip, as that will limit your motion significantly.

How To Hit A Tennis Slice Serve In 5 Simple Steps

The “sidearm special ” is a wonderful drill to help you develop an amazing tennis slice serve. To properly practice it, focus on these five steps. First, hold your continental grip. Then, get into a nice serve stance with your feet slightly pointed as I described in step two. After, toss the ball out to the side.

Tennis Grips | Types of Grips Explained & Illustrated

Different Types of Grips. Different types of shots in tennis require unique grips to maximize performance. In this guide, we’re going to cover: Forehand; Slice forehand; One-handed backhand; Two-handed backhand; Slice backhand; Serve; Volleys; Overheads

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How To Hit A Slice Serve? - YouTube. In this video, you will learn how to hit a slice serve.1. Grip2. Toss3. Body Position4. Swing path5. Pronation6. Finish7.

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